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Youthful Faces

When a season of great peril arrives, so too does the opportunity for great change. Youthful Faces brings together some of NYC’s best Broadway dancers, award-winning choreographer Lane Napper, the music of Jour Majesty and visionary filmmaker Michael C. Perry, as catalysts for our younger generation to have a voice in their futures. Now is the time to speak up and speak out to illuminate the future you want to see. Youthful faces, raise your voices – right here, right now.

How Can I Help?

Freedom to vote is America’s most important political right outside of the original Bill of Rights, and it is also the most hard-won right. Have you recently turned 18? Maybe you want to change your party or your voter registration address? Make sure you are eligible to vote in this next election. Remember, almost every aspect of your life is decided by an elected official; local city councils and school boards, state and federal elected officials are elected to serve you so be sure and Rock the Vote. You can’t vote in an election unless you’re registered.

Volunteerism is one of the most important and beneficial actions that we can take as human beings. Our ability to provide our time and expertise can make an immense difference in the world around us and within the communities that we reside. The National Council for non-profits can connect you to a need in your local area.

Mentoring is a professional activity, a trusted relationship, a meaningful commitment. The origins of mentoring can be traced back to ancient Greece as a technique to impart to important social, spiritual, and personal values. Find out how to become a mentor.

Kindness counts - Everyone deserves kindness; it is essential for us to thrive.

Note: These links are only examples and not meant to be an exhaustive or prescriptive approach. Find what works for you and get out there and make a difference!

Youthful Faces

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